Barbara Lüneburg 
   violin and artistic research


21.3.2022, Kunstuniversität Graz, Mumuth, Austria

Inaugural lecture and portrait concert of Marko Ciciliani

Performance of Timpanic Touch by Marko Ciciliani

8.4.2022, Royal Academy of Music, Duke’s Hall, London, UK

International Conference:
AEC European Platform for Artistic Research in Music EPARM Conference 2022, ‘The Artistry of Artistic Research’

Embodying Expression, Gender and Charisma – Breaking Boundaries of Classical Instrumental Practice
At EPARM, Lüneburg reflects on the validity and significance of her method ‘Re-enacting Embodiment’, as she experiences it in her pilot project, how she combines the methods with the analysis and coding of the performances of solo-violinists of different gender and generations, and the process of developing her mixed media installation Body – Expression – Charisma as a first artistic outcome from her pilot project.

19.-28.8.2022,  isa22, Sporthotel Semmering, Austria

ISA Summer academy of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

Master Course on Contemporary Repertoire for String Players

Master Course on Expression and Charisma employing Lüneburg's method 'Re-enacting Embodiment'

10.-15.10.22, Osijek, Croatia

Novalis – Music & Art Festival,

Concert with works by Davor Branimir Vince and others

Master Course for Contemporary Music


17.3.2021, Antwerp

Symposium METHOD/ART-Research seminar on artistic research methodology organised by the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA).

Embodied Expressions of Charisma and Gender – A Critique of Classical Instrumental Practices through Artistic Research Talk by Barbara Lüneburg 

10.4.2021, 20 hrs, virtual event, ZKM Karlsruhe

Symposium "...aus freier Lust verbunden?...Chancen und Herausforderungen digitaler Musikerfahrungen"

Panel Discussion jointly with Sandeep Bhagwati, Ludger Brümmer, Martina Seeber and Ruth Warnke

6.5.2021, 11 hrs, Linz, virtual event

Anton Bruckner Private University

Talk on methods in Artistic Research: Embodying Expression, Gender and Charisma

28.5.2021, 20 hrs,  Split, Croatia 

Multimedia Cultural Center Split

Multimedia concert with works by Marko Ciciliani

12.8.2021, 19.30 hrs, Villach, Austria, Evangelische Kirche

Carinthischer Sommer

Solo Recital with Bach,  Aguirre, Stahnk

19./20.8. Istrien, Novigrad, Museum Lapidarium

Artery – Festival of Visual Arts

Multimedia concerts with works by Marko Ciciliani and Barbara Lüneburg
(Slices of Life and premiere of a first segment of He She They for violin, electronics and video)

19.8. Klaipeda, virtual event

Summer academy of the Doctoral Studies of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

Talk on "Worldmaking–Knowing through Performing"

29.9.2019, Bonn, 10 hrs

GFM 2020/21: Musikwissenschaft nach Beethoven. XVII. Internationaler Kongress der Gesellschaft für Musikforschung

Talk on the Epistemic Potential and Challenges in Artistic Research

18.10.2021, Brasil, University of the state of  Paraná | Unespar

International Lecture series at Unespar's graduate Program

Talk on the artistic research project GAPPP-Gamified Audioviusual Performance and Performance Practice

25.10.2021, Hamburg, Akademie der Künste

Event honouring the composer Manfred Stahnke

Performance of "Capra" by Manfred Stahnke

27.10.2021, Hochschule der Künste Bern

Guest lecture series

Workshop and Lecture Performance on the Epistemic Potential and Challenges in Artistic Research


Hamburg, Germany

Symposium ArtSearch
Musikhochschule Hamburg

Talk: Worldmaking - Knowing through Performing

5.2.2020, 11 hrs
Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp Conservatory


Keynote: TransCoding – From 'Highbrow Art' to Participatory Culture

14.2.2020, 11 hrs
Nürnberg, Germany

Musikhochschule Nürnberg
Study Day

Keynote: Worldmaking 

Schloss Weinberg, Austria

PARL-Platform for Art and Research Linz, Anton Bruckner Private University

Organisation and moderation of the symposium and workshop with participants from Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, Romania, Argentina, Germany and Italy

Mexico City and Morelia

Mexico-tour with talks and concerts – Cancelled due to corona pandemic

Talks on artistic research project "TransCoding" and concerts with works by Marko Ciciliani and Barbara Lüneburg

Linz, Austria

Long Night of Research at Anton Bruckner Private University
Cancelled due to Corona Pandemic


Lecture Recital: What is a Performer for? With works by Lou Mallozzi, Barbara Lüneburg and Louis Aguirre

Dundalk, Ireland

Department of Creative Arts, Media and Music, 
Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland

Online- Masterclass: Arts Practice Research Methodology 
Lecture individual sessions with PhD students

12.7.2020, 11 am

Carinthischer Sommer,
Schloss Ferlach
Cancelled due to corona pandemic

Solo Recital with Bach,  Aguirre, Stahnke

31.10.2021, Seoul, virtual event

KEAM Seoul - Conference

Talk on the artistic research project GAPPP