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Barbara Lüneburg writes for solo or chamber music settings with electronics. A few pieces include special performative aspects such as "Osculation" (2018) for violin, voice and three wonderbooms, and "My favourite reading" for five performers with gettoblusters. Occasionally she includes unsusual instruments such as stones, balloons, balls or fir-cones in her pieces and explores their sonority.

Selected compositions:

In the framework of the artistic research-project "Transcoding | what if":

"Slices of Life" for violin, soundtrack and video composed by Barbara Lüneburg with contributions of the community of

"Read me" – an audiovisual installation that can be personalised for individual community members of

Further works:

"Osculation" for voice, violin and three wonderbooms (2018)

"Soundwaves" for electric violin and quadrophone soundtrack (2014)

"Smithsonian Remix" a fun remix on occasion of a remix challenge of the Smithsonian Institution (2014)

"Mix-Down" (amplified zither, violin, live-electronics and soundtrack) 2013
premiered at festival "Gemischter Satz" in Alte Schmiede, Vienna

"Favoriten" - a Soundscape from the 10th Bezirk in Wien composed for the festival musikprotokoll im steirischen Herbst (2013).

"Vonk" (three players with water, stones and fir-cones, live electronics and soundtrack) 2004
premiered at Festival "Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik", recorded by the ORF

"My Favourite Reading" (for five players with gettoblusters) 2004
premiered at festival "Hamburger Musikfest" in 2004.

"Wribbeln" (three players with different sorts of balls/balloons, live electronics) 2006
Commissioned by the FIFA, premiered in the FIFA-globe Hamburg/Germany

"R.E.M.-cycle" (inside piano, electric guitar, live-electronics and light) 2006
premiered at festival "sound around" in Malmö (Sweden)


Lüneburg has worked in intensive collaborations in which she and other composers jointly developed works that were performed internationally. A prominent example is her collaboration with Alexander Schubert for "Weapon of Choice"for violin, motion sensors, live-electronics and live-video, with Sascha Demand for "Blenden" for two electric violins and soundtrack using prepared violins, "What if we had wings?" for violin, live-electronics, soundtrack and video 2014 (in collaboration with Cathy van Eck, David Stalling and Anthony Kelly) and the cycle "A journee" of three compositions she has created together with the duo David Stalling/Anthony Kelly.

A journee

  • a way into a place (viola, soundtrack, splitted video images) 2010
  • possible flightpaths (violin, two improvisers on analogue gadgets, soundtrack and video) 2011
  • inner self (violin, record player, video, lighting, loudspeakers) 2012

All premiered at "Hilltown New Music Festival" in the years 2010/11/12.