Barbara Lüneburg

Creativity in performance practice______

Barbara Lüneburg





The idea of creativity within a network collides with creativity myths, which are deeply embedded in Western society and which influence how art and science are looked upon and paid for.

Society looks for the original work of one author only, the lonely hero. Joint creativity of a network of contributors is not as highly valued as the work of a single individual.
However,as Keith Saywer says in his book Explaining Creativity – The Science of Human Innovation (Oxford University Press, 2006) "Creativity is the creation of a novel product that attains some elements of social recognition."It is not enough for a creative idea or work to be novel; to be creative an idea has to be appropriate,
recognised as socially valuable in some way to community.

Sstem model of creativity
"System model of creativity" developed by by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly

The person/artist creates novelty.

The field selects novelty to enter the domain.

The domain again is internalised by the person.

What does this mean in the case of creativity in performance? In this lecture I look into the work of performers during the whole process from initiating and co-creating a new piece up to the end product: the actual concert.
I include collaborations with composers, influences of the field (festivals, specialists, finances, the audience), programming, (choice of composers, programme order, press releases), charisma/concert aura/stage presence, the venue, stage built up/lighting/ costume, in short everything which will shape a concert and the way how an audience experiences a piece of contemporary music in the context of a performance.
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