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John Cage (1912-1992) USA
"Music for Four" (any four instruments) 1984-87
"Five" (any five instruments) 1988
“Living room music” (four players) 1940
“Radio music” (1-8 performers, each at one radio) 1956
“Solo with obligato accompaniment of two voices in canon and six short inventions on the subject of the solo” (any three instruments) 1933
“Sonata for two voices” (any two instruments) 1933

Nikolaus A. Huber (*1939) Germany
"Töne suchen einen Autor" (any instruments) 1988

Mauricio Kagel (*1931) Argentina/Germany
"Con voce" (3 mute musicians) 1972

Mayako Kubo (*1947) Japan/Germany
"Bach-Variationen" (any instruments) 1980

Rudolf Komorous Canada
"Olympia" (percussion instruments)

Steve Reich (*1936) USA
"clapping music" (4 hands) 1972

Frederic Rzewski (*1938) USA/Belgium
“spots” (any instruments) 1989
“chains-12 TV operas” (singer, any instruments) 1986

Rainer Rubbert Germany
Magische Duette (2 instruments and obligatory piano) 1995

Karlheinz Stockhausen (*1928) Germany
"Tierkreis" (any instruments) 1976

John Zorn USA
"C.O.B.R.A." (any instruments)

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