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Improvising COBRA by ZornBarbara Lüneburg works in the fields of free improvisation (with and without electronics), improvisation via internet and improvisation as part of an otherwise pre-composed score.

She performs with internationally renowned improvisers such as Fred Frith (USA/e-guitar), Jaap Blonk (NL/voice), Marko Ciciliani (Croatia/no-input mixer), Anne La Berge (USA/flute and electronics), Cor Fuhler (The Netherlands/analogue electronics), Yannis Kyriakides (UK/laptop) amongst others at the Holland festival, the Gaudeamus Festival or the Dutch cult-series "Kraakgeluiden in de Binnenstad" (Amsterdam).

At the Munich Biannual 2002, Barbara Lüneburg played as an internet soloist together with seven other artists from New York, Berkeley, Amsterdam and Munich in the opera "Orpheus Kristall" by Manfred Stahnke (sponsored by the "Ernst von Siemens Kulturstiftung"/ Germany). The computer-program "" (developed and artistically directed by Georg Haidu) built the base on which the internet artists from five different places throughout the world could improvise and communicate with each other in a live situation.