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20.11.19 Lecture recital "What is a Performer for" with works by Lüneburg, Mallozzi and Aguirre at Mozarteum Salzburg

4.12.19 "Hope someday this will be available at Karaoke bars!" – Talk on the topic of 'voice in the current music' at the international festival for contemporary music "Leicht über Linz"

7.12.19 "From apprenticeship to artistic research" – Talk on the topic of 'learning practices in instrumental performance studies' at the international symposium "Tanz macht was?" at Anton Bruckner Private University

Latest paper publication: Empowerment and Disempowerment in the Participatory Culture of TransCoding in Organised Sound, Volume 24 / Issue 3, Cambridge University Press

Bookrelease at publisher [transcript]:
TransCoding – From 'Highbrow Art' to Participatory Culture Social Media – Art – Research
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