Barbara Lüneburg 
   violin and artistic research

Embodying Expression, Gender and Charisma – Breaking Boundaries

In  Prof. Dr. Barbara Lüneburg (PI), sociologist Dr. Kai Ginkel (post- doc), and violinist Diamanda La Berge Dramm (doctoral candidate) investigate the embodiment of expression, gender, and charisma in a performer’s practice in Western classical instrumental concert practice via methods of artistic research and sociology of practices.

The team explores the importance of a performer’s body as a determinant of musical expression, gender, and charisma by investigating a performer’s embodied techniques and bodily routines from intrinsic and extrinsic perspectives. Research objectives are ‘the constitution of expression, gender and charisma in a performer’s embodied techniques and bodily work,’ ‘the social embeddedness of instrumental practice,” and the “(de)construction of gender and charisma through artistic creation and practice.’

In our investigation we address the domains of instrumental performance practice and includes embodiment, gender, and charisma, as well as artistic research as an epistemological practice and interdisciplinary methodology.

In a dual research design, we employ methods and theories of artistic research (AR) including performance and creation, and of sociology of practices (SoP). Three approaches will be taken: (1) practice-based AR through the application of Lüneburg’s ‘Re-enacting Embodiment’ method,
(2) AR and SoP to investigate the social embeddedness of instrumental performance practice, and (3) AR through creation to translate research findings into artworks for a multimodal exhibition and performance for violin and multimedia. Biannual work labs with artists and scholars from thematically related disciplines will complement the ongoing work.

What is the degree of originality and innovation?

Innovation of classical instrumental performance practice: With the method ‘Re-enacting Embodiment’ we offer a tool to break habitual routines in instrumental performance practice and re-construct modes of expression and performative identity. We question the socio-cultural system surrounding this practice and generate more diverse values around the field of classical performance practice.
Original artworks: We create a series of artworks, interdisciplinary performances, and documentaries that (de-)construct the themes of ‘embodiment’, ‘expression’, ‘gender’, and ‘charisma’. We will communicate knowledge beyond the boundaries of traditional classical performance through digitized dissemination formats.

Innovative methodology: In the discipline of classical instrumental practice, we offer a new methodological approach to the topic of ‘embodiment’ with the ‘Re-enacting Embodiment Method’; we develop interdisciplinary methods to expand the epistemic horizon of the two main disciplines involved.

A pilot project starts in spring 2021 and we fill the website gradually with more information. Please come back regularly.