Barbara Lüneburg 
   violin and artistic research

Selected Videos

Diverse projects

Own compositions

"Steina" (2015) for violin, and live generated electronics, video and laser 
Performed by Barbara Lüneburg
Composed by Marko Ciciliani
Recording assistance: Davide Gagliardi
Steadycam: Nick Acorne

"Slices of Life" for violin, soundtrack and video. 
The central artwork of the artistic research project "TransCoding – From 'Highbrow Art' to Participatory Culture" is "Slices of Life" for violin, soundtrack and video. It was created by Barbara Lüneburg as lead artist, and it incorporates community contributions in the form of texts, images, sounds, and voices recordings for which we called via calls for entry. More information on the YouTube channel.

Yannis Kyriakides: "RE: Mad Masters" (2008)

A 25 minute music-text-video for electric violin/ violin, soundtrack and live electronics written for violinist Barbara Lüneburg and first performed at Deutschland Funk in April 2008. The subject and material is based on Jean Rouch's legendary film Les Maîtres Fous.

"They speak in layered…" for electric violin, synthesizer-soundtrack and video (2015).
Music and video by Barbara Lüneburg. 

"They speak in layered.." has been inspired by the call for entries "What gets your creativity going?" of the participatory arts project The graffiti-wall by Dino (?) to me expresses global culture and city life: street art by and for people, freedom of expression. I filmed the wall with an action cam and edited the material to my composition "soundwaves". (Composed with the support of the Bundeskanzleramt Kunst und Kultur, Austria)

Pedro González "String Mask Overflow" for violin, movement, shadow, video and tape

Performer: Barbara Lüneburg

Recorded for the book publication "Ludified" of the artistic research project "GAPPP: Gamified Audiovisual Performance
and Performance Practice"

Lexicon of Performership

In this video I ask what it means to be a performer. What are the conditions of our work and being?