Barbara Lüneburg 
   violin and artistic research

Solo DVD und CDs

Solo-DVD: "Weapon of Choice" with works by Marko Ciciliani, Yannis Kyriakides, Alexander Schubert et al.
Label: Ahornfelder

Solo CD "The Refined Ear" with works by Salvatore Sciarrino, Georg Friedrich Haas and Manfred Stahnke
Label: Coviello contemporary

Solo CD "Beyond" with works by Johann Sebastian Bach and Giacinto Scelsi
Label: Coviello contemporary

Works by Ed Bennett including the violin concerto "Heavy Western".

Violin: Barbara Lüneburg
Conductor: Daniele Rosina
Ensemble Decibel
Label: Diatribe Records

Documentation of the artistic research project GAPPP,
Includes various texts by Lüneburg and documentations of audiovisual works

Anthology of 400 pages including USB stick with over 4 hours of video
Designed by Anja Lutz
Publisher: The Green Box/Berlin

Selection of chamber music CDs produced with Ensemble Intégrales

Chamber music works by Austrian composers Wolfgang Schurig, Wolfgang Suppan, Karlheinz Essl, Christoph Dienz and Bernhard Gander
Produced with ORF and col legno

Chamber music works by Asian composers Misato Mochizuki (Japan) Jamilia Jazylbekova (Kasahstan), Alireza Mashayeki (Iran), Kee-Yong Chong (Malaysia), Suren Soronzonbold (Mongolia), Leilei Tian (China).
Produced with Deutschlandfunk and Coviello contemporary

Chamber music works by Mexican composers Juan José Barcenas, Alejandro Castaños, Georgina Derbez Roque, Arturo Fuentes, Aleyda Moreno and Gabriela Ortiz
Produced with Deutschlandfunk and Coviello contemporary

Selection of CDs with various ensembles

"Music for Babys" with a. o. "Pavillion" by Marko Ciciliani for multiple violin and viola tracks (Barbara Lüneburg), violoncello (Doris Hochscheidt) and double bass (Meinrad Kneer)
Label: Amorfon

Portrait of the Cyprian composer Yannis Kyriakides with a.o. "Paramyth" for violin, clarinet, piano and computer (Barbara Lüneburg, Michel Marang, Reinier van Houdt, Yannis Kyriakides)
Label: Unsounds

Marko Ciciliani's multimedia composition "Jeanne of the Dark" performed by Bakin Zub with Barbara Lüneburg (violin)
Label: Ahornfelder

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