Barbara Lüneburg 
   violin and artistic research


Next events:

21.3.2022, Inaugural lecture and portrait concert of Marko Ciciliani
Kunstuniversität Graz, Mumuth, Austria

Performance of Timpanic Touch by Marko Ciciliani

8.4.2022, AEC European Platform for Artistic Research in Music EPARM Conference 2022, ‘The Artistry of Artistic Research’
Royal Academy of Music, Duke’s Hall, London, UK

Embodying Expression, Gender and Charisma – Breaking Boundaries of Classical Instrumental Practice

At EPARM, Lüneburg reflects on the validity and significance of her method ‘Re-enacting Embodiment’, as she experiences it in her pilot project, how she combines the methods with the analysis and coding of the performances of solo-violinists of different gender and generations, and the process of developing her mixed media installation Body – Expression – Charisma as a first artistic outcome from her pilot project.

Latest release:


Monograph and documentation of the artistic research project GAPPP
Editors: Marko Ciciliani, Barbara Lüneburg, Andreas Pirchner
Includes various texts by Lüneburg and documentations of audiovisual works 
Monograph of 400 pages including USB stick with over 4 hours of video
Designed by Anja Lutz
Publisher: The Green Box/Berlin