Barbara Lüneburg 
   violin and artistic research


Next events:

28.5.2021 Split, Croatia, Multimedia Cultural Center Split

Duo concert with Marko Ciciliani
Among others:
Works by Marko Ciciliani: Kilgore for two performers in a game system, Formula minus 1
for electric violin and live-video 

12.8.2021, 11 hrs: Carinthischer Sommer, Schloss Ferlach: 

with works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Manfred Stahnke and Louis Aguirre

New release:


Monograph and documentation of the artistic research project GAPPP
Editors: Marko Ciciliani, Barbara Lüneburg, Andreas Pirchner
Includes various texts by Lüneburg and documentations of audiovisual works 
Monograph of 400 pages including USB stick with over 4 hours of video
Designed by Anja Lutz
Publisher: The Green Box/Berlin