Barbara Lüneburg 
   violin and artistic research


Next events:

18.4.24: Keynote on Validity in Artistic Research Processes in Music at the International Musicological Symposium of the University Ljubljana, Slowenia

15.2.24: Performance lecture on the topic The Body that Performs which included my latest work Exploring Gestures for air violin and soundtrack at the festival “Aesthetic Ethic and Ontological Challenges in Post-digital Art” in Rijeka, Croatia

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In this article published in the peer-reviewed journal Music & Practice, I write about knowledge production in artistic research and the opportunities and challenges the discipline offers, interweaving theoretical considerations with examples from practice. I consider what constitutes artistic research and how it differs from other academic disciplines or the process of art making itself. I am interested in the conditions necessary for the production of knowledge in artistic research and how, on the one hand, a multi-layered interpretation is fostered on research results expressed through art and artistic practice, but on the other hand, research results can also become ambiguous, making them vulnerable or sometimes questionable from the perspective of traditional academia or even within the discipline.


Monograph and documentation of the artistic research
 project GAPPP
Editors: Marko Ciciliani, Barbara Lüneburg, Andreas Pirchner
Includes various texts by Lüneburg and documentations of audiovisual works 
Monograph of 400 pages including USB stick with over 4 hours of video
Designed by Anja Lutz
Publisher: The Green Box/Berlin