Barbara Lüneburg 
   violin and artistic research

Between performance and research, teaching and composition: Barbara Lüneburg's artistic worlds are rooted in the classical and extend deeply into contemporary music and multimedia performance. 

Lüneburg has appeared as a soloist and composer across Europe, both Americas, Asia and New Zealand, and has led ensemble Intégrales, an ensemble for contemporary chamber music, for twenty years. Countless compositions have been written for and in collaboration with her. Critics describe her playing as 'breathtaking', 'a musical cosmos', 'passionate' 'bold', 'expressive and captivating'. 

Lüneburg is Professor of Artistic Research and director of the doctoral programs at Anton Bruckner Private University. 

Her interests in artistic research are as diverse as her artistic work: she investigates creativity, collaboration, charisma, concert aura, participatory art and the effect of game elements in audiovisual works as well as embodiment of instrumental practices and basic reserarch into the epistemology and methodology of artistic research. 

Since 2023 she and her team have conducted the multi-year research project Embodying Embodying Expression, Gender, Charisma – Breaking Boundaries of Classical Instrumental Practices  which looks into bodily practices of instrumental performers in Western classical music and their relation to expression in music, gender related perception and their charismatic bond with their audiences.
From 2014 to 2018 she led the research project TransCoding - From Highbrow Art to Participatory Culture, in which she involved an online community in the creation of a multimedia work via social media.
From 2017-2021 she was main investigator in performance practice in the artistic research project GAPPP-Gamified Audiovisual Performance and Performance Practice.